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Saint John, retired CNA Laura Zeidler, is very grateful for the exceptional care she received from Nicholas Aberle, III, MD, orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Aberle sees patients in the Saint John Pavilion on the Saint John Hospital campus.

Laura is an avid dog lover, who admits her Pug Zhu dog, Molly, can sometimes be a bit rambunctious. Last year while she was being walked, Molly unexpectedly went after a squirrel and Laura had a slight tumble.
After the incident, she noticed some pain and numbness in her arm and fingers. Her husband Ed is retired military, so she went to Munson Clinic on Ft. Leavenworth for evaluation and recommendations.

Laura initially received an Electromyography (EMG). The test helps to diagnosis the health and function of the muscles and the nerves controlling them.

After having surgery for carpal tunnel by Dr. Aberle, she developed a new condition that required surgery. Trigger finger is an ailment where one of the fingers gets stuck in a bent position. Sometimes the tendon in the finger becomes swollen or inflamed, making it difficult to move the finger smoothly.

After further evaluation, she received surgery to correct her trigger finger at the Saint John Pavilion.
“I am glad they are expanding surgeries at Saint John,” said Laura.

She added, “I’ve known Dr. Aberle since I worked at Saint John. He has a good rapport with patients and is great at explaining what to expect.”

“I have been happy to perform orthopedic surgery at the Saint John Pavilion to help the residents in this area,” Dr. Aberle said. “I hope this service continues to grow to better serve the Leavenworth community.”