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The Saint John Imaging Center proudly provides 3-D mammography with its state-of-the-art MAMMOMAT® Inspiration PRIME. This type of mammogram generates a more accurate and detailed image of the breast, ensuring a more precise screening for breast abnormalities.

We make mammography convenient and simple.

  • Detailed and precise screening for abnormalities
  • Modern technology with less radiation
  • Compassionate and experienced staff
  • Comfortable and pleasant setting

The Center is located in the Saint John Pavilion, easily accessible off the 4th Street corridor.

Unlike film, digital mammograms allow physicians to manipulate image characteristics such as magnification, orientation, brightness and contrast, which improve the ability to view specific areas of the breast. With the MAMMOMAT Inspiration PRIME system, results are produced more quickly, helping to decrease anxiety for patients. In addition to screening and diagnostic mammograms, stereotactic biopsy procedures can also be performed on the system.

In addition to its remarkable technology, one of this system’s most unique features is the MoodLight that provides a more soothing, comfortable environment for patients getting mammograms. The color of the lighting can change throughout the day to various soft pastel shades or stay just one color that best matches the environment. To help minimize the patient’s radiation dose and exposure time during a mammogram, the Inspiration automatically selects the appropriate dose for individual patient’s breast characteristics. To help further ensure patient comfort, the Inspiration applies compression only as long as the patient’s breast is soft and pliable.

For more information or to schedule a mammogram call 913-680-6260.

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