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CT Scan

Computed axial tomography (CAT) is a radiographic tool that allows the doctors to visualize internal structures within the human body. Physicians use CAT scanning to diagnose head and spine injuries, lung and liver disease, cancer, tumors, blood clots, internal bleeding and other diseases and illnesses, as well as the ability to perform several interventional procedures, such as biopsies and drainages.

Saint John Hospital has joined the ranks of the country’s premier health care providers that offer patients access to the most advanced 64-slice CT scanner available. The Siemens definition 64 slice CT scanner provides high image quality while reducing the exposure dose to the patient. With the speed and accuracy of this scanning technology, Saint John provides increased patient comfort by significantly reducing patient examination times.

The Siemens definition 64 slice CT scanner is not only faster than other systems, it can also provide clearer, better, 3-D pictures of anatomical structures. When radiologists can see what’s inside better, they make more accurate diagnoses.

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