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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Where to find us

Kansas City
Providence Medical Center Second Floor
8929 Parallel Parkway
Kansas City, KS 66112

Did you know?

  • One in three men and one and three women will develop heart disease.
  • More people die from heart disease than all forms of cancer combined.

Cardiac Rehabilitation is about improving your quality of life after heart disease. It’s about helping you via lifestyle changes like improved physical fitness, nutrition and education. Providence has one location for your follow-up and support.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation program features experienced nurses and exercise physiologists who work with patients to design individually tailored programs that focus on exercise and healthy lifestyle changes to aid in recovery from heart surgery, cardiac procedures, or chronic heart conditions.

Most insurance plans cover participation in medically supervised cardiac rehabilitation programs. Providence also offers cardiac rehabilitation on the hospital’s campus.

Phases of Treatment

  • Phase 1 Monitored exercise following cardiac surgery or procedure
  • Phase 2 More rigorous exercise under care of cardiac staff
  • Phase 3 Set your own program/maintenance

What You'll Gain

Our Cardiac Rehabilitation program will help you:

  • Increase your exercise tolerance and overall stamina, flexibility and strength
  • Reduce complications from your condition
  • Decrease your anxiety
  • Learn ways to monitor your heart health
  • Identify ways to reduce your cardiac risks, such as quitting smoking, minimizing stress, losing weight, reducing blood pressure and lowering cholesterol
  • Take charge of your life and your health

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