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Hearing Evaluations

It is important that a hearing loss be evaluated by an audiologist, a hearing health professional who can identify and assess disorders of the hearing and balance systems of children and adults.

Audiology Services at Saint John Hospital provides comprehensive diagnostic testing and aural rehabilitation for children and adults. Our hearing evaluations are:

  • Conducted in a soundproof booth.
  • Determine hearing sensitivity to pure tones and speech.
  • Assess infants as young as newborn.
  • Test toddlers and young children with a more comprehensive procedure.

Saint John Audiology Services also offers:

  • Tympanometry, which evaluates the eardrum and middle ear using pressure measures.
  • Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response (BAER), which determines hearing sensitivity in newborns and difficult-to-test children and adults.
  • Non-invasive technique that identifies brainstem tumors.
  • Otoacoustic Emissions Testing:, a test of hearing that does not require a response from infants and young children.

Mary Dutton, Au.D., an audiologist with Saint John Hospital Audiology Services, is a professional with advanced training and more than 36 years of experience diagnosing and treating hearing loss. She has a clinical doctorate degree in audiology and is licensed by the state of Kansas.

Find out how she can help you hear better. Call Saint John Hospital Rehabilitation Services at 913-680-6180.

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