ER Wait Time: 49 minutes | If you are having a medical emergency, call 9-1-1.


Paying attention to changes in your health is important, even with small changes. Area resident Stephen Framstad knows that importance after suffering a cardiac arrest in early March.

Having diabetes and a family history of heart disease, Stephen has always kept a close eye on his health, with regular doctor visits and routine blood checks. He describes his experience as saying one day he was feeling a bit off. He had some mild pain behind his shoulder blade that began to get increasingly worse. So much worse he went to a local Urgent Care facility

But when chest pains began, they strongly recommended he get to the Emergency Room at Saint John Hospital.
An ambulance transported Stephen to Saint John. Initial EKG tests appeared normal, but he did have a high blood pressure reading. Staff took him for a CT Scan in the Imaging area adjacent to the ER, when Stephen had a cardiac arrest. The Radiology technician immediately began compressions, and the ER team came to assist. After several minutes he was resuscitated, stabilized, and then transported to Providence Medical Center where he underwent a cath procedure

He was emergently taken for a cardiac catheterization to repair a completely blocked artery by cardiologist Prashanth Katrapati, M.D., FACC, FSCAI. Dr. Katrapati, a cardiologist who is fellowship trained in interventional cardiology, has expertise in coronary, peripheral and structural heart intervention.

“Stephen is a shining example what efficient teamwork and modern technology can do to help combat severe illness right here in Leavenworth and Wyandotte Counties. After experiencing such a traumatic event, we are happy to have played a part in helping Stephen return to a normal way of life,” Dr. Katrapati said. “Although we cannot predict a future heart attack, we urge everyone to get routine follow up with their doctors to reduce their risk.”

After Stephen’s procedure, he spent the next few days in the ICU recovering.

The emergency care I received in the ER and in the Cath lab was like a crew pit working at a Nascar race,” Stephen said. “All the staff acted quickly and performed their jobs like a well-oiled machine.”
Stephen’s message to others is to pay attention to your health and if you notice changes, get help asap. Don’t wait to seek medical care

Good news for Stephen, due to quick care received at Saint John and later at Providence, he suffered no significant heart damage.

Stephen, his wife, and young son are thankful for the care provided at Leavenworth’s community hospital.